Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to Reality

Which in my case means back to wondering what the crap I am going to cook for dinner all week. I love to bake, and go through phases of loving to cook, but right now it just seems like the last thing I want to do. I finished 9 loads of laundry from wash to fold to put away, so I felt no guilt when I sent Rob to Cafe Rio to grab some take out. But tomorrow I'll have to go to the grocery store and plan some meals for the upcoming week and with my computer in the shop, (we are getting one last free check up before our coverage expires)I'm fresh out of ideas.

I think I might try this coconut Thai chicken soup for fun, but I could really use some refresher courses. Get it? COURSES? You know, to refresh my cooking skills? Oh...the comedy never ends around here. I'll give you a moment to wipe those tears of laughter away from your eyes.

But seriously, folks. Got any great must try - family friendly - easy to cook meals? Even if they're not family friendly, share them...I'll happily throw some mac-n-cheese on the stove for the kiddos.

Oh, double karma points if it's healthy.

BDEM: The kids threw a "silly party" after dinner tonight. It involved wearing ridiculous clothing and dancing around in their room. It lived up to its name and then some. Perhaps I'll post pics tomorrow when the old desktop is back home.

Water: 35 oz. Slowly but surely.


john kopp said...

But seriously folks. . . Of COURSE (haha) here's the easiest meal solution. Spaghetti. Noodles from a box. Sauce from a jar. Bread from a bag. Salad from . . . well, you know. Dressing from a bottle. Cut some tomatoes. Twenty minutes max to the table. Easy clean up. Quick, filling and nutritious. (Secret ingredient-unlimited butter on the garlic bread.) If you're not counting carbs . . . calories . . . or fat . . . It's the perfect comfort food from your childhood!

Jodi said...

We love homemade pizza's and I found a way to make them relatively healthy. I buy the whole wheat greek pita bread and put some pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce) on it, a little grated colby jack cheese and let the kids put on their own toppings. We usually do pepperoni, pineapple, olives, sausage and onions. We want to try BBQ chicken next time! THe kids love it and it's only about 250 calories per pizza