Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Gem

Jude wanted to play something today - but didn't have the action figures that he needed.  And everybody knows that doesn't stop my little Buzz.  Impressive, no?  

There's even a little pocket on Eve's tummy where the plant inside the boot {directive} goes.  I think my favorite part is the fact that he remembered the cockroach {who incidentally, I believed - up until today when Rob corrected me, was a cricket.  Oh the things your stay-at-home husband can teach you!}

BDEM:  Tonight while finishing up dinner, two girls (from the youth I work with at my church) showed up at my door and said, "We're just going around giving random acts of kindness.  Is there anything we can do for you?"  Really.  How often does help just SHOW UP at your house?!  I looked around, and asked if they would take all of my kids for a walk while I did the dishes.  The kids were thrilled, I was thrilled, and these girls were honestly excited to be helping my family.  BDEM fo-sho!  

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