Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Make This Face:
Oh, how I love that cheesy grin.

Yes...it IS a grin....kind of.

 It's a happy face of some sort, I mean - she only seems to make it when she's in a good mood.

 Who am I kidding? I have no idea what this face means, but I still love it.

BDEM:  Rob and a walked around IKEA today - after dropping the little ones in their FREE daycare.  Shouldn't all stores offer free daycare?  It sure makes me want to shop there more often.  The craziest thing about this daycare is that it even offers a punch card.  Get this:  after you drop your kids off to be watched (FOR FREE) on ten separate occasions, you get a free gift.  I feel guilty getting it stamped - like at ten punches I need to show up with a gift for them.  "Hi, we're IKEA.  Thanks for using us as free babysitting ten times.  Please take this cake so you know how much we appreciate you letting us serve you."  There has GOT to be some sort of glitch in the system.  As we picked up the kids, the daycare ended with, "Oh, and it's Tuesday - so all kids get a free lunch upstairs. Come see us again, soon!"



Wilson Family said...

Wow, Ikea here we come... Do you think they'd notice if we "shopped" for 4-5 hours??

Oh, and I love Claire's little face! SO adorable!

Marsha said...

My grand-daughter makes similiar faces when whe is happy.

Stacey said...

Ikea's daycare is free? I always thought they charged so I never dropped the off there but they always want to. Good to know now that I'm not supposed to leave the house until Spring.