Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Opinions Appreciated

Let me start out this post with a disclaimer. Our family is not getting a dog...anytime soon.

However, I've been torn on the idea for quite some time now. I am not a dog person, I am not a cat person, I just don't really have that desire to have animals in my home. My kids, on the other hand, are obsessed. If I thought it was the obligatory, "I want a dog" phase, I wouldn't think twice about ignoring it, but I think Ella is actually more calm around animals than at any other time. She is gentle, loving, and so playful with them.

To this day I think I still have a small fear of dogs because I have spent so little time around them, but love that my kids aren't scared at all. And after the few times we have dog-sat Rob's parents' dog, I'm realizing it's not as big of a hassle as I always assumed it was. So I'm looking for dog experiences. Can a non-dog person become a dog lover? Or vice versa? I'm curious....so persuade me - either way.

BDEM: I spent the evening playing Minute to Win it with the youth from my church, and I laughed until my belly hurt. After my failed attempt at blowing cards off the top of a water bottle, my good friend, Sara, won the whole game for our team. It's amazing how quickly you can forget about your problems when you shift your focus.


john kopp said...

My advice? If you are not absolutely sure, don't do it. Your life's schedule ends up revolving around your dog's schedule. Shots, medical expenses, food, destroyed furniture, the smell, assigning or doing daily droppings retreival. Easy and fun to begin, difficult to send away if it doesn't work. If you need a dog fix, better to borrow a friends during their vacation.

But if you are sure you want to get one, your kids are the right age . . . sadly it will live only about as long as your kids stay at home. Plus you have the perfect back yard for it.

But be prepared as the newness wears off that all the responsibility will fall on your shoulders. And be sure you can borrow a shampooer!

Kendal and Alissa said...

Here is my LONG opinion and I grew up as an obsessed animal lover who would beg and beg my parents for a dog and then another one. I always thought I would have a dog at all times in my life. If you're not a dog lover don't do it!

Our dog Molly has been a wonderful dog-- potty trained when we got her (and I really do mean potty trained. I think I would die if I had to deal with any of that), great with my kids or any kids for that matter, and Savanna is still obsessed with her, they are best friends...literally. I am a person that feels like a dog becomes a member of the family and cannot just be found another home. So I would never get rid of her, but I have found after having kids she is becoming more and more of a hassle.

Remembering to feed her and give her water, putting her outside to go potty at least 3x's a day, cleaning up her messes outside so our family can even play in our backyard, her shedding, and my least favorite...finding someone to watch her when we go out of town. I've told Kendal she is our 1st and last dog. He doesn't believe me, but I am the one who mainly takes care of her. So I think I should be the one to make the call, and even after saying all of that I still love dogs.

So I can't imagine how someone would feel owning a dog that didn't have that deep love for animals to begin with.

P.S. Keep this comment anonymous or else your kids might form an awful opinion of your friend who destroyed their chances of getting a dog.:)

Something Wilde said...

I'm with the previous two opinions. It's a lot of hassle to have dogs. And you guys travel too much!! I thought I was a dog lover until I had one...then I found out that I just don't think I am. So...if you start out NOT a dog lover...I'm not sure you'll grow into becoming one. I really think Cutlass might be our last dog although Jason thinks we'll still get another one.