Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oldies - but Goodies

PLEASE tell me you've seen this.....I couldn't love this video more.  Literally, can't pick the best part.

BDEM:  I had a spontaneous lunch with my brothers Derek and Johnny today.  We ate Chinese buffet, while laughing louder than is acceptable in any Chinese restaurant.  Double win!  My brother, Johnny even paid for my lunch.  As I went to object, he just looked at me and said, "Don't even try.  Just face it - this is happening."  

It's the unemployment on so many levels!  


Mandy said...

Actually hadn't . . . but wish I had - HILARIOUS!

Deon said...

Yes, I saw this last night and loved it! I even told the girls at my lunch out today (me too! but my brother wasn't there to pay my share {sad face}) about the adorableness of this couple. Don't you just love how the wife is all business and the husband is just there for a good time. But they are so sweet to each other, even when they don't think anyone is spying . . . .