Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last night, while all the world was asleep - and my body was apparently on speed - I wondered what a normal night was like for most people.  I'd ask my husband, but I've seen how he sleeps...and there doesn't seem to be ANYTHING peaceful about that.  He dreams about large insects, dinosaurs, and being chased my people that cast spells on him.  He talks, swats, and does the just-dozed-off jump/startle almost every single night.  Needless to say, I don't consider him to be an ideal candidate to answer my question.

Where was I?  Not sleeping....Rob's a psycho sleeper....OH!  Yes.  So, last night while you were all in dreamland - I was wondering what it's like to sleep the entire night through.  Is that the norm?  I realize I am probably more on the extreme end of sleepless nights (not quite insomniac - but definitely on the border somewhere) but do most of you go to sleep, fall asleep quickly, and then wake up in the morning feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed?  OR - as I like to believe, do you all wake up at least two to three times - check the clock, hit the potty, roll around for a few and then go back to bed?

Are any of you out there making the list?  Panicking over the ridiculous things that somehow - in the daytime - aren't anywhere near as important?  I am so curious as to what a typical night holds for all of my friends.  Do you have lots of dreams?  Do you remember them?

Please share.

BDEM:  Today my friend, Maria, and I weeded the yard of a lady from our church who is about to have a baby.  It was so wonderful to sit and chat with her about all of the different trials that mothers face.  It always seems like everyone else has it all together, when truth be told - our problems - no matter what they are - are just as burdensome as everyone else's.  We are all going through similar experiences: the joys, the heartaches, the exciting days, the days that never end - and when it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is that we did OUR best.  Not the best according to other peoples' standards - but the best for our individual families.  It was one of those chats that you walk away from thinking, "Wow - the grass really does always seem greener.."  Good reminder.  Good BDEM.  


Maria said...

Thanks for the chat, Melissa. It was a good one for me too. :) I typically fall asleep within 10-20 minutes, wake up one or two times but can almost always just roll over (or visit the loo or whichever child it was that woke me )and then roll over)and go back to sleep. I usually wake up going strong 'cause I love mornings, but I hit a wall about 10 am unless I've had a great night's sleep of 7 hours or more. And I have crazy dreams most every night. Ranging from gruesome thriller style nightmares (I don't even watch CSI, it creeps me out so much, but my brain makes up for it at night.) to those odd dreams where you wake up in your dream and start your day, only to wake to reality and a whole morning to do over (which can either be a relief or a bummer, depending on how the dream was going.) The only time I wake up and do the list for hours in the middle of the night is when I'm pregnant. It's a better (and faster) indicator of pregnancy for me than those pee sticks. ;)

Brett said...

Lately, Stacey's been a zombie, but that's warranted because she has to pump every 3 hours and go in to the hospital early in the morning and late at night. We both sleep fairly soundly otherwise. She says that I am completely zonked out within 1 or 2 minutes. We both have our 'twitchy' moments but it's not that often. As far as dreams, I'm definitely a Wilson, although the craziest ones only happen once every couple weeks is all. Just last week, I could have sworn the blinds were in upside down at around 2am, and I just HAD to change them right side up or else the bad guys would have been able to shoot us....or something.

becca said...

2 things- It sounds like Rob and Joel could be twins in their punching, yelling, weird dreaming, twitching sleep. It's a wonder I sleep at all next to him. I have to read to fall asleep, but usually stay asleep.
Also, I was craving Portillo's hot dog when I was pregnant with Charlie that I went online, found the nearest location (in California) and planned a trip down there. It was totally worth it. And I'm super jealous of your tastey meal.

Jessica and Matt said...

I am a TERRIBLE sleeper. (Here is some of the evidence.) Have been a poor sleeper since I was a kid. They drugged me when I was little so I could sleep without dreaming of sharks I dreamt my Dad kept in the garage. It didn't really work. When I was 18 or so I woke up in the middle of a night terror and called 911 and hid under the covers telling them a man was in the house and had my mom at gunpoint. Turned out that wasn't true. I've dialed just the 9 and 1 a couple of times since then before I thought better of it. I hit, kick and punch Matt in the face when I finally do fall asleep. He gets scared sometimes and goes and sleeps in the guest bedroom. I've tried to take Ambien and instead of putting me to sleep it makes me hallucinate. The curtains start dancing and Matt's face contorts into all shapes and sizes like some weird fun house mirror. Most nights I lay in bed, lay in bed awake some more, curse Matt under my breath since he falls asleep in about 30 seconds, get up and pee, get up and get a drink of water, get up and check on the kids to make sure they are breathing, get up and look out the window, get up and take off my socks or put some on, etc, etc. I have a terrible time falling asleep AND staying asleep. When I do dream, the ones I remember are normally totally insane. I have dreams where I am watching myself in the dream--totally disconcerting. The only time I tend so sleep well is when I am away at a hotel with just Matt and no kids--and even then it is 50/50. So, I feel your pain!