Monday, September 19, 2011


One of my handsome brothers (Dan to be exact) wanted to brighten our week, so he had our favorite hotdogs shipped from Chicago.  HEAVEN!  Thanks Dan and Marissa for the delicious dinner - they were amazing!

BDEM:  Rob and I watched the movie October Sky.  Very few people will understand WHY I loved this movie, but I did.  Dad, Greg....(sigh)  I have so many great memories of letting the two of you make rockets that I then signed my name on.  


Marissa said...

I'll be honest, as delicious as they are, my favorite part is that you get the mustard and celery salt in sizes big enough to make you smile when you open the cabinet for months to come :). And the hat. Nothing beats the hat. Love you guys!

Deon said...

Good grief, talk about coincidences! Just yesterday I was thinking about Portillos and remembering that that was one of the very first places where we ate out in Naperville when we were looking for our first apartment there. Yay for Dan and Marissa!

We love October Sky. Watched it just two months ago. Again. :D

Greg said...

what a great post! 2 of my favorite topics. portillos and Rockets!