Saturday, September 03, 2011

Culver Carnival Night

One of the family night activities was a little carnival - filled with games, treats, and rides.  The kids loved that everything was free, and they could go on anything they wanted as many times as they wanted.
The Velcro Wall

The bungee trampolines

Probably the coolest carney game I've ever seen - a puppet hosts a trivia game.  

Maddie getting a spray tattoo 

Naturally we broke into a game of catch

Beautiful Culver Sunsets - I swear, they get these almost nightly.  

Jumping Juders

Muscles Magoo


Fish Face competition
BDEM:  Jude's face when he realized (after getting to our destination) that he had somehow forgotten to put on shoes.  It was regret, embarrassment, and boy do I look silly right about now - all wrapped into one.  I had to carry him all around the store - which I think he secretly loved.  As frustrated as I was, it was fun to have my little monkey boy on my back again.  

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john kopp said...

Muscles . . . Muscles . . .Muscles McGoo!