Monday, September 05, 2011

Jude Rides

I mentioned in an earlier post that Jude decided he wanted to ride a two wheeler since Maddie finally figured it out.  And after about three minutes, he had it down.  I finally uploaded the pictures, and had to post them.

When I asked him how he felt about riding a two wheeler, he busted out this crazy dance.  I'm so sad that I only have pictures instead of videos.  The moves were unbelievable!

The kid is seriously awesome.

BDEM:  On the same learning-to-ride-a-bike note...we took a family walk after dinner tonight, and Maddie and Jude were able to ride their bikes.  For the first time in a long time, everyone enjoyed the walk.  But the best far, was watching Jude suddenly make a hard left, for absolutely NO reason - sending himself straight into the neighbors flower bed.  He was absolutely fine - but his reaction afterwards was amazing.  He stood up, stared at us, and just shrugged his shoulders.  As if to say, "Leave me alone - it's my first day." 

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