Friday, September 16, 2011

Ridiculously Cute in, I think she is...

BDEM:  Today was day two of the ultimate clean-out.  I attacked the front closet, the medicine/linen closet and all of the bathroom cabinets.  Thus far I have removed seven large trash bags full of junk from my house.  Left on the list is the laundry room and Claire's closet.  Slowly but surely this house will be clean!  

Added question.  Have you ever seen the movie Spy Kids?  It's playing in the background right now.  I'm sorry, but is this the worst movie EVER?  Sadly I think my husband may be more into it than the kids.  I take the worst movie ever comment back.  I forgot about Shark boy and Lava (llama as my niece calls it) Girl.

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Wilson Family said...

Love that picture of Claire! Look at that smile! Way to go on cleaning... You're making me want to throw things away!

I loved that video of the couple trying to figure out how to record... Priceless! And so cute!