Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today was:

Pre-church meetings
Delicious boxed lunch from Apple Spice Junction that a neighbor brought by yesterday
Pizza on the grill
Visit from church friends
Kids in bed
Visit from Rob's parents
Google useless information
Blog from bed

Not a whole lot happening from these parts. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have more to post on. But then again, I have a whole new fall list which might distract me. It includes:

The Office
30 Rock
Modern Family

Any I'm totally missing out on?

BDEM: After my pre-church meetings, I came home and all of the kids decided to hide in the coat closet and surprise me. Well, apparently that closet was much more exciting than they originally thought, because I opened the door, and all the kids kept playing. They stayed in there for over a half an hour while Rob and I shared a lunch date at the kitchen table. I know there's a huge joke in here...but I'm going to ignore it, and just relish in the fact that all of my kids stayed in the closet. Not a word, people. Not a word.


Brett said...

Yes, I think you're really missing out on Castle and Fringe. 2 of my favs! I hope all goes well tomorrow with Rob's interview. We're rootin for him.

Nic said...

I love those shows - Ryan and I also love Parenthood. Good luck to Rob!

Sara said...

Are you guys Amazing Race fans? I can totally see you loving it!!