Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad Habits

Rob and I are terrible about registering our cars.  As of this weekend, we finally have two street legal cars.  Both of which were due back in August.  After months and months of driving unregistered you get accustomed to paranoid driving...making sure that there is not a cop anywhere in sight.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times Maddie has pointed out that we were going the wrong way because I was making up my own "detour" to avoid a cop.

Rob pointed out a few weeks ago (when we finally decided it was probably time) that if either one of us got pulled over we could get our cars impounded.  I wasn't quite sure if that was legit - or if a cop would actually do that. So now I am curious if everyone else always registers their cars immediately, or if there are others out there who are constantly on the lookout for the police.  What is the latest that a cop would let you off the hook with an unregistered car?  Have any of my friends been ticketed for expired registration?

BDEM:  Dr. Mario.  I'm practicing*.  I'm talking to you, Mandi and Paul.  

Water:  60 oz

*Practicing in no way, shape, or form indicates improvement.  


kathryn said...

Um, my car is not registered... Expired in November. And I totally make sudden turns into gas stations , etc to avoid cops. You just made me feel a lot better, though, since yours were expired for longer. Thanks!

Mandi said...

hahaha! I'm glad you're practicing, first of all. Secondly, do I have some stories for you! I think Paul and I have the worst track record when it comes to registering our cars on time. And yes, you will get a ticket. I've also had my car impounded for a fake sticker....but that's a long story....ha! (We were young, dumb and poor.) I know well the feeling of avoiding cops. They seem to be everywhere in Provo/Orem, so it takes some creativity. :)