Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Can't Decide

I keep looking at this hair cut -

But have been working (and will have to continue working) towards this one for months -

What's a girl to do?

BDEM:  I was having one of THOSE days.  Just kind of grumpy and short - I'm sure Rob has NO idea what I'm talking about.  So when he got home, I took off for the gym.  It was a huge stress reliever.  I know it seems lame that I often mention that my workout is my BDEM, but honestly - it really can make or break my day.  

Water:  60 oz


Stacey said...

I love you with short hair. I've been growing mine out but yesterday I start thinking about cutting it again. I'm really liking the top picture.

Sara :-) said...

LOVE the short! You would rock that cut! :-)

kathryn said...

short short short!!!

Lisa said...

I, too, love you with short. I think that blonde cut is your cut...only blonde. You do not know how many times I have gone in to my stylist with picture in hand of some blonde with a darling cut and their response is: that is your cut...only she is blonde. You see, blondes have different shades in their hair so the cut shows up better. Your cut is fab on you!

Mom said...

I say short. You look so sassy with short hair. Wish I could get away with it!