Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Worries Me

Having three little girls is one thing -

But having three teenage girls is TOTALLY different.

How does one manage?

BDEM:  Family movie night concept.  Rob made is famous sugar popcorn - which I love to mix with regular popcorn for that whole sweet/salty vibe. 

Non BDEM:  Family movie choice:  Rango.  What the heck?  Have you guys seen that?  I liked the last ten minutes or so - but getting there was TORTURE!  

Water:  40 oz.


Jodi said...

First of all...I want some of Rob's sugar popcorn. DELISH! And we had family movie night last night too. We watched "The Apple Dumpling Gang" - Jeff laughed (really loud) and the rest of us fell asleep. I guess it was good while it lasted!
P.S. - I felt the same way about Rango...not my favorite!

Bruce said...

Having had experience with raising teenage girls, I long ago came to the conclusion it's just a matter of enduring. I never had enough smarts to make sense of all the motion and drams, but one day if you hang in there, they grow into beautiful young women and mothers and you get a great payoff! You also find out that you have influenced them for good far more than you ever knew.

Lisa said...

I love my three girls!