Friday, February 10, 2012

A Wonderful Husband!

Did everyone enjoy the fact that I wrote Valemtines on my last blog post?  Rob just pointed it out to me about an hour ago.  I'm sure a lot of you were snickering and calling me names behind my back....let's be honest - I probably deserved it.  I think I'm going to leave it up though.

Anyway, back to my blog title....A WONDERFUL HUSBAND, because that's what I've got.  As I mentioned before, I have had an amazing early Valemtines weekend.  Rob's mom took the kids for us yesterday afternoon and we headed over to get an hour long couples massage.  HEAVEN!  (Imagine I sang that in a really high - and obviously angelic voice.  In my head it sounds amazing.  Out loud, probably not so much.)

After the massage we stopped at quite possibly the most bizarre restaurant/gift shop/former bowling alley/ psychic shop I have ever seen.  As we were leaving the cashier even casually mentioned that there used to be a swimming pool inside too.  Odd.  

Oh, and they serve black-licorice-buttermints...with a spoon on the way out.  Awesome.

Side note for all of Rob's family....this guy was sitting across from us.  We thought he was a perfect mix of Ross and Uncle Lynn.  Creepy, right?

After dinner we drove up to the Alaskan Inn.

It's this cute  bed and breakfast in Ogden Canyon where everyone gets their own little cabin.  Then in the morning they bring breakfast to your cabin.  Yum!  I tend to get overly excited for any meal that is 1.  Brought to me by someone else and 2.  Involves hot chocolate.

We left the cabin at about 9:30, and headed over to Powder Mountain for a day on the slopes.  It was empty, foggy and completely awesome.  

He is a good, good man - isn't he?  It really was a great surprise, and a perfect way to spend our 10th Valemtines Day as a couple.

Now - here's a tip for everyone. Yes, we crammed a LOT of stuff into a day and a half, BUT Rob has been collecting Groupons to make this trip incredibly affordable.  We were able to do all of this (including the bed and breakfast) for less than half of the normal price.  So, guys....when you see a good deal, snag it - then put them all together for an AWESOME date.

Rob - you are the best Valemtine ever!  I love you so, and look forward to many Valemtines days to come!  XOXO

BDEM:  Do I really need one?  I think I just covered all of that! 

Water:  30 oz.  I think I could use a little more - so I'd better go chug before I head to bed.

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Unknown said...

that man IS half dad and half Lynne!! wow that IS creepy.