Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love grocery store sushi.  I grab it a lot at the store around the corner - but I didn't realize how often until the other day when I ran in to grab something else.  I passed the sushi counter and the little Japanese man rolling sushi behind the counter asked, "You no stop for sushi?"  Perhaps I should cut back....I didn't realize we were at that level in our relationship.  Actually, I didn't even know who HE was!

BDEM:  At this very moment I can breathe through both nostrils.  I cannot wait to pop that sushi in my mouth, it will be the first food I've been able to taste in days!  

Water:  60 oz

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mom said...

Hilarious. Reminds me of my relationship at Seven Eleven with my Red Bull pusher. He actually offered to buy me a case long before cases were available. I told him that would mean I had a "problem" He came back with...hear this in a hindu accent..."oh you have a problem alright. Might as well save money with it."