Friday, February 24, 2012

Speech Impediment

I have one of those terrible colds.  The kind that you get once every five years or so.  The kind where your nose/throat is so clogged that you can't seem to pronounce the N sound.  It's also the kind where for some reason your eyes just drip water.

Because of it, I've been in a fog all day...probably because I'm wearing my glasses.  This may sound ridiculous, but sometimes it seems like if my eyes can't focus - neither can my brain.  My glasses are about three prescriptions old, so even though they help, I'm still a bit visually impaired.

Back to fog.  At about 5pm I looked at the clock, thought back over the course of the day, and couldn't remember a single thing I did. Was I on the couch?  No.  Did I nap?  No.  Did I talk to anyone on the phone?  I don't THINK so (disclaimer - if we did speak, please forgive any unfortunate things I may have said).  So, where did this day go?  I have absolutely NO idea.  I do remember three things.  1.  My friend Mandi took my kids.  Talk about a lovely lady - that's probably the reason they are safely tucked into bed at this point.  2. I spent most of the day with toilet paper stuffed up my nostrils.   3.  Ella said something to me that made me think, "That'll probably be my BDEM."

BDEM:  Sometimes Ella's cute little grin catches me off guard, and I just have to tell her what a cute and sweet kid she is.

"Ella - do you know how much I love you?"

"Yes, Mommy, so much!"

"That's true, sweetheart - you are just so stinking cute!"

She came over, very close to my face - put her hands on my cheeks and whispered, 

"Mommy, I just ate boogers."

Water:  40 oz.  Still about 30 short.  Dang.

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