Friday, February 17, 2012

What Do You Get

When you cross a fan, a duvet cover and an inventive five year old boy?

A tent that never falls down and is much cooler than any tent his mother could have made with blankets and tables.

You can't really see the size, but it's about three and a half feet tall and four feet wide and six feet long

He used the suction on the back of the fan to hold the duvet cover in place

Then they took blankets and toys inside and played or hours.  

Normally I tell Jude not to mess with the fan, but even I thought this was ridiculously cool.

BDEM:  We took the kids out for frozen yogurt tonight for being so obedient this week.  They were SO good, and I love rewarding them for that!

Water:  40 oz


Wilson Family said...

SO smart!!! I kind of want to make one of these for me! :)

kathryn said...

jude is a genius. where does he get it from??!?