Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why I Can't Blog

I have like three minutes....before I need to rinse this out!  This is why I can't tell you about my awesome upcoming adventure.  I suppose it'll just have to wait.  Just send me good, "I hope you don't hate your hair color" vibes.  Eh, what does it matter anyway - my hair always looks the same no matter what the color looks like on the box!

Doesn't my hair look like plastic?  Hope that comes out with the rinse!

BDEM:  My late night run to Target with my darling Stefanie!  Thanks for going out with me for a dumb little trip - it was nice to have the company!!

Water:  60oz


Marsha said...

My adult daughters are always coloring and cutting their hair in trendy styles. I'm afraid to jump out of the box. :)

Nicole said...

Good luck - I love when you find the right color and it turns out! I hope you love it!

Stef said...

I can't wait to see how your hair turns out! Target was a blast. The first of may Mommy-dates.

Deon said...

Your plastic hair looks exactly like the plastic Beatles wigs my big brothers had when we were kids! You are definitely "the cute Beatle." How'd it turn out, btw?