Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Au Naturale

I've mentioned in the past that I may have what some would refer to as "drinking problem."  Diet Coke and I have been in cahoots for quite some time, and even though I don't necessarily see it as a problem, many people do.  That, my friends, is not denial - it's the belief that I am right and you are dead wrong....Rob.  So, in effort to experiment with a coke-free life, I decided to do what I have heard so many people recommend in the past.  A glass of sparkling water flavored with lemon and lime.  

Now, here's my question:  who in their right mind thought this was some sort of substitute for the sweet, rich, goodness of a diet coke?!  This stuff is HANDS DOWN TERRIBLE!  I cringed with every sip, until I had the fantastic idea of adding a huge portion of Splenda.  At that point it became tolerable, but not good by any measure.  Then I realized that adding Splenda really just turned it into the same thing I was already drinking:  a carbonated drink made with fake sugars...with NO caffeine.   Pointless.

So, no thank you SELF magazine...Diet Coke and I are just fine as we are.

BDEM:  Working out with my lady-neighbor-friends.  

Water:  Are we including the disaster from above? If so:  80 oz
Trips to the bathroom:  80+


Something Wilde said...

I say stick with the Diet Coke. I'm sure we'll all be drinking it in heaven, so you're good.

Wilson Family said...

You are hilarious, Melissa. I really look forward to reading your blog. Very entertaining! And CONGRATS on being a Pinterest hit! Maybe I'll just start randomly pinning things from your blogs to keep the momentum going.

Oh, and cute b-day posts too. You make me look like a really bad wife sometimes! :) Nice job on making it a special day!

kathryn said...

ha ha! I love me a good cold Coke in the afternoons. Although I also do love San Pelligrino with lime... I even order it at restaurants sometimes. Still be my friend, okay?