Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Emotional Moment

A few weeks ago Rob and I saw a really disturbing moment as we were sitting at a red light.  There was a mentally handicapped man trying to cross a busy street, and he was kind of lingering at the last moment, etc.  Suddenly an annoyed driver honked the horn really loud and long and scared the daylights out of this poor man who then sprinted across the street.  I WAS LIVID.  I could not believe that such horrible people existed in the world.  For the longest time I huffed and puffed and was so offended about the way that man was treated.  It honestly ruined my night.

I saw that same man crossing the street again this morning, and immediately my mind was flooded with sadness and anger.  As I watched him cross the street I noticed how happy he seemed, and how he looked like everything in his world was going right.  It then occurred to me that even though I had spent hours stewing over the horrible actions of that jerk, that sweet handicapped man never gave it a second thought.  I was literally overcome with the feeling of love for those who deal with so much and are given such a different experience on this earth.  I thought of my cousin who has down syndrome, and was blown away with how hard he has worked to be the person he is today.

Overall, it just made me think about how blessed we are to know people with disabilities. Their strength is immeasurable, and I know there is a special place in heaven for those perfect souls.

BDEM:  We had our first oil meeting tonight, and it was REALLY fun!  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we all learned a ton.  I could not get over how much Rob's buddy, Justin, looked like my brother Dan.  It was STARTLING!  

I'm going to have to post a video so my family can see their mannerisms. I literally was blown away!

Water:  60 oz


Jessica Kopp said...

As I was scrolling down, I literally thought to myself, "I didn't know Dan was in town."

Stef said...

I agree! I feel so blessed that Shelly is in my life. She is amazing. Great post!

john kopp said...

I thought Dan was working at ITG!? I see him most every day . . . how does he do that?