Monday, February 06, 2012

Home Decor

It's possible that your home has an enormous entryway.

It is possible that you have a massive theatre room.

It is possible that your master bath is larger than my entire house.

It is possible that your granite countertops shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.

However, I'm pretty darn sure that your house does not have the entire Angry Birds collection sitting on your fireplace.

And yes, they are the originals.

The green one in the middle (simply titled "Catapult") is obviously one of Jude's more abstract pieces, but I think it really showcases his progression as an artist.

I'll make sure to lock my doors tonight - don't want anyone to get themselves arrested for breaking and entering.

BDEM:  Letting the above artist teach me how to play the game involving the above subjects.  He was so funny.  "You're doing great, Mom."    "This level used to be hard for me, too."     "I can just beat this one for you - then you can try a different one."      "Next time try getting three stars."

Water:  60 oz

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