Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mascara and Dinner

The top contender of the mascara face off is:

I have to explain this one....I sleep in my mascara every single night.  And even though many of those other mascaras did a decent job of extending my lashes, this one doesn't flake off and end up all over my face the next day.  I also never have issues with it leaving dark circles below my eyes during the day.  Oh, and washing it off is a trip!  It doesn't smear, it just comes off almost like fake lashes.  It's definitely my go to, for all of those that asked.

Dinner:  To change things up a bit, I added some avocado and tomato to a basic grilled cheese sandwich.  It was SO good!  {ps - this would also be really good - and a bit more manly - with a couple slices of bacon} Sprinkle a bit of season all on the tomatoes, and you've got yourself a tasty twist on an every day classic.  To top off the dinner, I made homemade potato chips in the microwave.  I honestly had NO idea you could do this, but they were SO SO good.  Check out the recipe here.  

BDEM:  Watching brave Jude get his kindergarten immunizations.  What a tough (yet tender) little kid.  The nurse was so proud of him...I guess most kids that age end up being chased all over the office with the needles!  He sat quietly, squeezed my arm, and did his very best to hold in his pain.  No tears, no freak-outs, just a kid who understood that in a minute, it would all be over.  

Water:  40 oz


Jodi said...

I love that kid!
I am going to have to try those changes to my grilled cheese and make those potato chips - as soon as my competition is over!

Stacy said...

Yumm that grilled cheese is calling my NAME!

Unknown said...

so how do did you cut your potato chips so thin??

Snarr mama said...

I'm totally going to try that mascara now....and that meal! And Jude is so adorable, I honestly LOVE that boy. Can't believe he's getting ready for Kindergarten!