Saturday, February 04, 2012

So, yeah.

I bought the dress.

I'll probably wear it to church tomorrow.

And it will probably be the last time I'll be able to fit in it.

No, I'm not pregnant...

But Deon posted these on her blog:

Kill me now!

BDEM:  Planning tomorrow's Superbowl meal in my head.  I'm sure the Superbowl meal itself won't be tomorrow's BDEM, but I love the planning of meals...the thought of the exciting appetizers will be...I have such high hopes for a house that isn't even having a party, and probably won't watch more than a half an hour of the Superbowl.  Who knows, maybe I'll even throw Deon's brownie cookies on the menu.

Water:  Embarrassment - probably 20 oz.


Deon said...

First of all, the dress is super cute! Secondly, I'm dead serious when I say that you will look super cute in the super cute dress! Thirdly, I'll take full responsibility for the brownies, so that means that any weight you might have gained by eating them automatically shifts over to me. That's how these things work, don't you know. It's kind of like when you eat standing over the sink. Those calories are non-existent, right? :D

Sara :-) said...

You rocked that dress!!!! I can't tell you how great you really looked :-) Awesome!