Sunday, August 21, 2011


What is it about traveling that kicks your butt? Is it all of the sitting? The hours of reading? Frankly, I ways assume it'd be like waking up after a nice long nap, but my body is falling apart. I'm sitting at home, on my couch, less than ten feet away from my computer, but instead I am going to stumble through iPhone blogging just to avoid those ten steps.

Yes, we are home. Tomorrow morning I will unveil the laundry mountain while trying to prepare Maddie for her first day of school on Tuesday. Maybe in between all of the folding and switching, I can start the long task of photo sharing. Don't hold your breath.

It is heaven kissing my chubby baby's cheeks, and having Ella rest her head on my shoulder in a long hug. I have missed them so much, and am looking forward to rolling around on the floor with them tomorrow instead of crossing things off my to-do list.

When I asked Rob what time an adult can go to bed without shame, he said 9:30, which is in a half hour. So I'd better get the bedtime ball rolling. I'm soooo ready!

Oh, and how many of you are reading/have read The Hunger Game series? What do you think?

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john kopp said...

Glad to hear you made it home ok . . . and it sounds like you feel about the same way we did - smiling . . . and exhausted!

I just started the first Hunger Games book last night after heading to bed about 8 pm!