Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Buddies

A million years ago when Rob and I told Maddie, Jude and Ella that the baby I was pregnant with was a girl - we were expecting a bit of a bummed-out reaction from Jude.  Madelyn had been telling Jude that this baby was going to be a boy - for him.  So when he was really excited with the news that I was carrying a girl, we had to ask him why.  

His answer was, "Now Ella will have a buddy!"  

At the time I didn't really understand it - but Madelyn and Ella had been playing together more than Jude and Maddie.  We now realize that Jude just wanted Maddie back - and if Ella had her own buddy, he figured Maddie was once again his.

Jude's prediction has totally come true.  Ella is head over heels for Claire, and refers to her as her little buddy.  It's so cute to watch them together, because the feeling is totally mutual.  Claire smiles and laughs whenever Ella is around.

Well, except for this morning - when amid all the laughing and rolling in the floor Ella decided to take a big old bite out of Claire's stomach.

Other than that, they're good!  
Ella climbs into Claire's crib every morning to keep her company while we finish working out.

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