Friday, August 19, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation: day 8

I decided to blog from around the campfire rather than trying to do this with my eyes half open while lying in bed. This morning began with water skiing and wake boarding. Rob impressed us all with his tricks... I didn't know he was so good! After water skiing, we watched Uncle Greg help launch all the rockets people made over the week. (I started a rocket, but I then remembered that I hate making them. Mine is still sitting, half finished, in the arts and crafts building. Sorry, Uncle Greg!)

After lunch we did some swimming, and took the wave runner out on the lake. Maddie and Jude loved the bumps. Then Greg, Mandy, Rob and I went sailing. There was no wind, but we enjoyed bobbing up and down together, accumulating more bruises and getting sunburnt. We then had a nice family dinner in town, and then watched Maddie and her cousin, Sydney, rock the talent show. My sister Sarah brought down the house with an acapella version of Desperado. And now I sit, listening to my family laugh around a fire.

This week has been perfection at its best. We head back to my dad's house tomorrow, and even though I'm looking forward to soaking my injuries in the hot tub, I will definitely miss this.

Till tomorrow!

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Jodi said...

I'm so glad you got to go back and spend such a wonderful week with your family! Sounds like it's been great - I'm so happy for you! We missed you and we'll be glad to have you back!