Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Something New

Last week I decided to break away from the same old five meals, and include something new and exciting at dinner.  I bought sweet potatoes, and researched sweet potato fries.  I have had them at a few different restaurants, and loved them - so it was high time I took the next step.

I found a recipe on one of my favorite sites, and went to town:
I sliced and seasoned  
I took the over-done close up shot

I baked them in the oven 

I set them on the table next to the burgers and condiments (thinking that the color contrast was fabulous)
Then I took one bite and learned that homemade sweet-potato fries are disgusting.

You win this round, Rob.

Live and learn, right?


Kendal and Alissa said...

Darn! The close of picture almost had me convinced they were yummy:)

john kopp said...

Maybe they should only be served at Thanksgiving Dinner!
Or with turkey burgers . . .

Maria said...


Deon said...

Okay. I've discovered the secret to wickedly delicious sweet potato fries: Fat. As in, deep frying those little things until they are saturated with tons of canola oil. That's the secret. Darn, huh. Otherwise, I buy them frozen and bake them up like regular frozen fries, and they are actually really tasty (and a heckuva lot less work)!

Julie said...

I LOVE them! I make them with olive oil, sea salt and a little bit of pepper. Unfortunately I don't deep fry them (they would be better)

Stacey said...

Toss then with olive oil and bake them without salt. The salt will make them soggy because it draws out the moisture. Once they are cooked you can add the salt. I would just a sea salt as suggested before or my favorite, kosher salt. Anyway, they can be really good and healthy.