Monday, August 22, 2011

Let the Photos Begin

Day 1: We stopped in and surprised my Grandma - can you believe she's almost 97? She was SO cute with Maddie and Jude - listening to every single word they said, and admiring all of their pictures they drew.  

My dad has had season tickets to the White Sox games since before I was born, so a night at a ball game was a perfect way to start the trip.

Glad that Rob is a Sox fan!

Me and my Papa
The next day we lounged on the beach of Lake Michigan

This is how we felt

We relaxed

We ate Cheetos
We smiled for the camera

We built sand castles

We danced

We skipped rocks (another one of Rob's hidden talents)
We ran away as this storm blew in

We found frogs on Papa's deck

Then returned them to Papa's lake

When Rob started throwing frogs, Jude bolted.

Papa helped Maddie practice going under water

That was all of our pre-camp fun. Tomorrow I will explain a bit about where we were, and get some more pictures up.  But for now, I need to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer.  And probably buy some food.  When did my kids start eating so much?!  


Snarr mama said...

The pre-camp fun looks fabulous....and can I just say that you also look fabulous!

Stacy said...

Your trip sounds like a blast! And exhausting! I had the same thought as Courtney- you look fabulous!

Deon said...

Holy cats, it looks like you had the time of your life! And, how is it that you keep getting cuter and cuter? Hmmmm? Spill your secret. Now.

I do have to add that I will miss your posts via your phone; some of your typos were pretty darn funny! FYI.