Thursday, August 18, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation: day 7

As I lie in bed, I am realizing how stinky my pillow is. Everything is stinky, including me. We spend our days greased up in sunscreen and bugspray, then sweat all of that off just before jumping in the lake. I love feeling messy. This whole week without makeup, wearing a baseball hat most of the time feels like me. My dad brought his jeep down here, and its making me desperately miss my old wrangler. I think that will be the first purchase Rob and I make after we are done with car seats!

Today we woke up early and hit up our favorite breakfast cafe. After that we did a little bit of shopping then did some trap shooting. (Another bruise on my shoulder from the shotgun kick back!) After lunch my family participated in a drill down, which basically is a marching competition. (Im sure a lot of you are baffled by this...but I promise I'll explain this whole trip in detail when I get back!) Then, eight of us went over to the golf course and played a round of best-ball. (Have I ever mentioned that my dream job involves driving a golf cart?) Then after dinner we helped the kids tye dye shirts, and left them at the child care while the adults did a bit of night swimming. It was a beautiful way to end the day. Although I'm pretty sure it cancelled out the shower I had just taken! No biggie...I'll be in the lake first thing tomorrow morning. That's camping. Filthy, greasy, stinky fun.

Goodnight, world. Here's hoping we survive tomorrow!

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