Friday, August 12, 2011

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

I like summer. It is fun. We do lots of fun things in summer. I like to be with my family.

So, I probably can't do an entire post in third-grade styling, but that will be the basis for my end-of-summer extravaganza. This summer has been amazing for our little family, and this week will be no exception. Today started with an early plane ride across the country. The kids were amazing...and so was that blueberry scone. (Rob disagrees. If he wanted cardboard with a blueberry here and there, that's what he would have ordered.) Upon landing in one of my favorite cities, we accidentally loaded up the wrong rental car. The sweet lady at the rental car exit was kind, acknowledged the fact that we had already loaded up the kids, and said, "Enjoy your free upgrade!" Thank you, sweet stranger!

We immediately headed to our always-first-stop for the world's best hotdogs. Heaven. After a long period of gluttony, we went to vistit my almost 97 year old grandma. She's amazing. I hope I'm half as witty as her when I'm in my forties.

We left her house, and spent the evening root-root-rooting for my favorite team around: The Chicago White Sox. It was free tee shirt night, AND fireworks night.

It seems like everything is going our way. And THAT makes for an amazing summer vacation in itself.

A special shout out to my dad for the delicious lunch, and for sharing his tickets with us. Another shout out to Dan and Marissa for taking Maddie and Jude while we watched my all time favorite sport. And last but definitely not least, a big thanks to the sweet family taking care of my other darlings. I miss them, and hope they are behaving.

I'm typing from my phone, so no pictures today - I'll try to get some up tomorrow. It's also waaay past my bedtime - so forgive any autofill accidents. It's too late to be coherent, anyway.

Goodnight, my dear friends!

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