Sunday, August 14, 2011

How I Spent my Summer Vacation: Day 3

Well, it's starting to look like I may not get to a computer to download pictures at all. I think I will just use this as a daily journal, and then add pictures whenever I can. Right now I am listening to the sound of crickets and other insects while taking in the smell of wet earth and wood cabins. It is a smell that immediately takes me back to my childhood. I spent many a night falling asleep to the same sounds and smells, so it's nostalgia at it's best. We packed up from my dad's house and drove to camp this afternoon. The campus is gorgeous as ever, and I'm utterly enjoying introducing one of the biggest parts of my pre-married life to my husband and children. Thus far they seem to be enjoying it. We signed up for our activities for the week, then enjoyed dinner as a family. It's great to be with all my siblings and their families - something that doesn't happen often enough. And even though I am sleeping in a twin bunkbed, with my husband on the top bunk and me on the bottom, it feels like home. It's even more like home when I kick his mattress from below. He'll learn to love that by the end of the week.

Tomorrow is another big day, so I'm off to sleep. Wish me luck!

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