Monday, August 15, 2011

How I Spent my Summer Vacation: Day 4

It's possible that I am more tired today than I ever have been before. Every muscle in my body is begging me to go to sleep, and it's just barely after 10pm. I have no idea how I did this every day, for seven weeks, before! Today was nothing but full speed ahead with a high ropes course/climbing in the morning, archery, kayaking and biking in the afternoon, and sailing around the lake on a three masted rigger this evening. We only stopped to eat our meals and get clean. There was also the occasional game of bags. It has been a very long, but very amazing day.

Can't wait till tomorrow!


Deon said...

Holy cow, woman! You fit more into just one day than most of us fit into an entire summer . . . or twenty! Live it up!

Jodi said...

What a great vacation for you, Rob and the kids. I'm glad you're having such a great time - you deserve it!! Love you and miss you all!!

Sara said...

lucky!!! I'm so jealous :-) wish I could go to summer camp!!