Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Culver: Water Skiing

Maddie and Jude loved riding on the boat with Greg and Mandy  
Gearing up - I had never water skied before

Greg's first time, too 

He got right up

Rob was a bit of a show off (look at those bulging biceps!)  
The skis they gave me were actually clown shoes.  (They forgot to get me my own pair, so I had to use Greg's)  I was pretty excited that I got up on my first try - I always thought it would be so much harder! 

Remember that show "My Two Dads?"  

Brotherly love

I love my Mandy.  
Later, we skied with my Dad.  He was also great - but once again, we were all showed up by Rob's wake boarding skills.  Or should I say skillz.  Is that still kool?  

Then we all posed in front of the Riding Hall - Maddie and Jude with their best salutes.

BDEM:  Things have been better today - I only break into tears when someone mentions how sorry they are for us.  But, it has actually been really nice getting so much support.  I have received a ton of messages from you all, and for that I am grateful.  Thank you for sharing your experiences with me, and reassuring me that everything is going to be okay.  We have even been offered places to live should it ever get that bad - but we're keeping our hopes up.  So today's BDEM(s) were reading your messages.  I feel so loved, and blessed.  XOXO


Deon said...

Just look at that extremely fit and toned girl in the last photo! She doesn't have four kids! Not her! Impossible, I say! Jeepers, girlie girl, you look hawwwwt!

Love the "My Two Dads" pic. Priceless.

BTW, you and Rob are in my thoughts and prayers. Things WILL work out :D

Stacy said...

Okay, I missed yesterdays post but had to go back when I saw the comments at the end I was like WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

I totally sympathize and understand your stress! It has been our year for that kind of stress, but I really do believe that our struggles make us stronger and that even though it can be rough in the middle, that we ALWAYS end up in a happier state and look back grateful for the challenge that had us devastated at the time. I am certainly feeling that way in my life, even though I know the struggles aren't completely out of the picture! Maybe it really will end up being the best year ever, and you don't even know what is coming your way!

I am just hoping and praying this doesn't mean you are MOVING! We love you guys too much, and you can't go anywhere! :)

And my original comment was pretty much Deon's- you are rocking, and I wouldn't dare walk around in my swimsuit, but I would if I looked like that!

Mandy said...

LOVE and MISS you guys! Thanks for posting the pictures from are day skiing :) Too fun!