Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Culver

Rob getting his harness on for the Pamper Pole (I'll post the sideways video of this tomorrow) 

Climbing up to the zip line

Weeeeeeeeee (I think he actually said that - but I'm sure it was in a very deep and masculine voice) 

Shot Guns 

First Family Sail (NO WIND)
The day I taught Rob to sail - GREAT WIND!  

These boats are called Sunfish, and they are Culver's smallest sailboats.  They are really easy to learn on - and super fun!

Some of Culver's larger sail boats.  This is where I used to teach.

Pretty - but not me.  

A better view of The Ledbetter 

Evenings around the fire.

BDEM: Maddie "learned" to ride her bike earlier in the summer, but has been too scared to get on again without Rob's help.  He has been insisting that she get up and try it herself, but she just cries and complains that she can't.   Today, out of complete frustration - and "well, hmph, I'll do it myself"-ness, she jumped on her bike and took off.  She just kept laughing, "I can't believe I'm actually doing it!"  It was amazing.  Then to add insult to the fact that she has ignored her bike all summer, Jude decided to take off his training wheels and learned to ride too- in a matter of about three minutes.  This morning I had zero two-wheeler kids.  Now, I have two zero-training wheel kids.  (Did you follow that?)  I'm a proud mama - so it's definitely today's BDEM.   

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