Saturday, August 06, 2011

One of those days

I awoke this morning around six with Ella in my bedroom saying, "Mommy, I got bweeding."  I hear this line a lot, so I was out of bed in a flash - in the bathroom stopping the bloody nose , cleaning the bloody sheets, washing the bloody pillow pet - oh, oops....that reminds me of the unwashed sheets and pillow pet in the laundry room.  At least I pretend to be a good mom.

I digress.....

Anyway, it all started with a bloody nose.  By noon, Ella had three more bloody noses.  It was weird.  It became more bizarre when Maddie came running into the house screaming because she had done a flip on the tramp, and bumped her face with her knee - resulting in (you guessed it) a bloody nose.

At about 7pm, Ella came running into the kitchen, "I BWEEDING AGAIN!"  Indeed, she was.  I took her into the bathroom, and plugged and iced her nose -  checking every five minutes or so to see if the gushing had even remotely slowed down.  At the forty minute mark it seemed to have stopped.  She took one step off the stool, and it was immediately gushing again.  It continued to bleed for the following hour and a half.

It seemed as if all this craziness was coming to an end, when I had an itch in my nose.  I rubbed it against my forearm, and realized that my nose left a trail of blood across my arm. You have GOT to be kidding me!

I go to the kitchen and pinch and wipe until the bleeding is gone.  But upon coming to the front room - see that Ella is once again bleeding.

It is going to be a LONG night, and I'm fairly sure that by tomorrow morning we will be all out of toilet paper.

Yes, I called the on-call Doctor's office.  They didn't seem to care, much.  "Sounds like you're doing everything right....."  I'm finding that hard to believe! 


Deon said...

Is something in the water around here? You won't believe this, but I have had three bloody noses in the last two days (apparently, due to too much blowing and blustering due to a horrible cold). Weird.

Stacy said...

What in the world???????

That is really, really wierd. I have lots of tp if you need it! :) But I hope you don't.

Stacey said...

I never get bloody noses and I got one the other day too. Super weird. It had been really humid with all of the rain and then it got really dry. Maybe that's part of the reason...? I dunno, kinda strange.

Anonymous said...

You'd better make sure that Area 51 isn't doing any testing in Utah. I'm having a hard time believing the Dr.s office didn't seem too worried about it. Maybe they own stock in toilet paper?