Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A (Birth)day Well Spent

Can you believe the Angry Birds Balloon is STILL floating?  We're going on 14 days now!  

I secretly asked Rob's boss for the day off - we woke up early - went out with the kids for breakfast - dropped the kids off at Rob's parents' house - we bought him a new hammer - we (unsuccessfully) shopped for his other present - we bowled four games - we ate bowling alley nachos - we saw Sherlock Holmes - we looked again (unsuccessfully) for his present - we had a surprise birthday dinner with friends - we gave him a crown.

Happy Birthday, Babe!  Hope you had a great day!

An extra-special shout out to my mother in law for taking my kids from 11am to 9pm.  I'm sure she will sleep well tonight! Thank you times a million, Tammy!  We could not have had this amazing day without you!

BDEM:  Bowling was a LOT of fun.  We paid to have the lane for an hour, and crammed in four games. I've mentioned in the past that we are bowlers - and we are serious about it.  We also had so many laughs at dinner, so I think this one is a toss up!  

Water:  24 oz?  Geez - I'd better go crazy tomorrow!


Deon said...

Tell that Rob guy happy birthday for me, will you? Sounds like you spoiled him (and yourself!) rotten today--just as you should!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the idea. Aaron's bday is on the 22nd and we may just have to get rid of the kids for the day. That sounds sooo fun. Love you guys!