Friday, January 13, 2012

Well, that explains it.

I have been cursing my camera for years.  I think I recently mentioned how strained our relationship was...I say things like, "You NEVER focus!"  or "WHY THE HECK DIDN'T THE FLASH GO OFF?!"  But most of the time I just say, "OH MY GOSH!  I HATE THIS STUPID THING!"

So, yes, there are some problems.  Mark my words - the camera will be the reason I am forced to attend anger management classes.

After all these years, I am feeling a bit guilty because as it turns out the camera is actually disabled.  I assumed that when it started smelling like smoke after taking pictures it was probably because it was about to explode.  Now I feel like it was probably crying over all of my insults.

You see, the camera is actually colorblind.

I learned this when I decided to document the so-bad-it-should-have-been-on-TV moment of washing the one red shirt with all of the other whites.  Yes.  I actually did that.  I should also add it was a NEW red shirt.

Here's what the camera saw:

No, that's not even close to what the real laundry looked like.  I will actually have to throw away all of the whites that were in that load because it all just looks like cotton candy.  But Camera will never know that. It just sees that I took a picture of a boring laundry basket with boring towels.

Now I feel shame.  I should never mock the disabled.  I should never, ever mock stupid cameras that can't focus, don't flash, tell me my battery is low and shut down when I've just recharged it, and smell like electrical fires after each click.  That would just be a horrible thing to do.  Consider this my last complaining post...because I'm a changed woman.

BDEM:  We had a horrible night last night that involved Ella throwing up next to our bed - then sleeping in our room, so neither of us got any sleep.  I think I got about three hours total.  So at about 10am I curled up on the floor with a blanket that covered the vent, and slept UNDISTURBED BY CHILDREN for an hour while warm air came through the house - and then got trapped inside my blanket cocoon.  So wonderful!

Weight: -.1 (-3.7 total)
Water:  45 oz

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Sara :-) said...

I love laying on the heater!! Don't love kids puking on my room though. Do love my dslr. You should get one. ;-)