Friday, January 27, 2012

You Asked For it!

After mentioning my cold sore excitement, I had a bunch of people ask via blog or via email what I was doing.  Well, here you go.  I'm starting a side blog - that really won't be updated anywhere NEAR as often as this one, but one that hopefully serves as a resource for my friends and neighbors who want to learn about or even come over and try some of the oils that Rob's company makes. 

Way back when I was a kid, my mother was obsessed with essential oils.  We used to refer to her as "The Witch Doctor" whenever she'd shove a pot of  hot water infused with oils in front of our faces to inhale.  I remember a few oils specifically: lavender, peppermint, cypress, rose, just some basics. But ever since Rob started bringing home these new products, I have found a renewed love for essential oils. 

We have a big-old-book that's full of uses for each one, and every time we find any kind of "symptom" in our house, we immediately check the book and begin treatment.  It took a while to not run straight for the tylenol or run right to the doctor for antibiotics, but I feel like over the course of the past few months we have become a healthier and more natural family.  I also feel like these things really work.  Who knew?!

So I'm adding to my blog list (remember, I'm a's what I do - it says so right in my "about me" section) a new blog that I'll update from time to time about my experience with doTERRA oils.  I'll share the good, I'll share the bad - I'll just teach you what I know.

Also - should you be local, and have any ailments that you'd like to put to the oils test, come on over.  I'm happy to share!  

Now - should you so desire...and don't feel like you have to...I've put a link on the right side of the screen sharing my cold sore concoction.  Forgive the horrid pictures - they are taken with a cell phone, and as Rob mentioned, they make my forehead look like a bubble.  I'm sure he meant it in a loving way.  

BDEM:  I taught Claire the "Five Little Monkeys" song and she's picking up the actions.  She'll come over to me make some squeaking/grunting noise, and then do the action of monkeys jumping on the bed.  That's my cue to get my sing on.  She dances, and tells those monkeys to stop that bed-jumping by waving her pointer finger, smiling and laughing all the way.  

Water:  50 oz


Unknown said...

awesome doterra blog!! Im so excited to read about your experiences with the oils. The cold sore one I am going to make up that concoction for my neighbor who gets them just like you do. She is going to LOVE me even more!

Stef said...

I LOVE essential oils. I am totally going to copy you. Let's be hippy's together.

Miss you BFF-er!

Stef said... a professional writer, I am embarrassed by my HUGE mistake...

should read:

Let's be hippies together.

Oh, the shame.

Mandi said...

I kept meaning to ask you where Rob was working. I have a friend that's sells doTerra and I was just barely going to ask her about the Serenity stuff. I've heard it's really good for insomnia, but I wanted to get a couple more testimonials before I plunk down 40 bucks for it. We must talk....