Saturday, January 07, 2012

Winding Down

I walked into Target tonight feeling chipper, alert and ready to get my grocery-shop on.  I walked out tired with my throat on fire!  How do these things hit so quickly?  So I immediately ran to grab some of this:

And if you'll be kind enough to forgive me, I'm going to shut down my computer, sit on the couch and hope that the cold cream cures me before my 7:30 am  meetings tomorrow morning.  

BDEM:  While checking out at Target, the lady behind me couldn't stop staring at the conveyor belt as I unloaded groceries.  I am very particular.  Boxes first,  then pastas, then cans, then produce, then meat/frozen foods,  then toiletry items, then bread then milk.  Some people think I am crazy - but it makes unloading SO MUCH EASIER!  Everything gets bagged with similar items. Anyway, the lady would NOT stop looking, and I was feeling the "YOU'D BETTER NOT MAKE ME WAIT" pressure, when she said, "You unload your groceries just like me!  Doesn't it make all the difference?  Where's my husband? (she starts looking around) 'LOOK HONEY!  SHE GET'S IT!'"  I should have gotten her number - I'm sure she could have been one of those surprise friends!

Weight:  +.5  (I forgot to weigh myself at the normal time, so I'll see if that changes anything tomorrow.  I usually weigh myself in the morning, before there is any food or water in my system.)

Water: Pathetic. Maybe 32 0z.  I was super distracted today.  I'll try harder tomorrow.


Deon said...

Aw, shucks! I HATE it when I get that first feeling of sickness. That's when I know I'm in for it, and it is a drag. I hope you weathered the night okay--the Red Mango just had to help, right?

I group my stuff together on the conveyor belt too (although not with quite your precision). :D That unloading part of grocery shopping totally cancels out the fun part of spending money :(

Jessica and Matt said...

I too like to group my items on the belt. Makes it so much easier to unload once I get home. I hate shopping with my hubby cuz he throws it all on there willy nilly! (Loved watching Rob "talk to" his Sunbeam out in the hall today. I almost giggled out loud. Have I been there or what?!)

kathryn said...

I totally group like items as well! I about smacked the checker the other day because he THREW my bag of peaches to the bagger who then threw them in the grocery sack. Grrrrrr.