Thursday, January 19, 2012

Isn't it Amazing...

how some toys are just a passing trend - and others seem to stay forever?  Jude got these for his birthday yesterday and spent all morning playing with them.

He was so excited when the "war" was over and only one good guy had died.

I explained that he didn't have to be dead, after was his imagination that was controlling the whole event. He just stared at me like I was the biggest idiot and said, "But Mom, he was shot then a tank ran him over."

Point taken.

Thank you, dear soldier, for sacrificing your life for the sake of your fellow men. If I knew how to blog taps...I totally would.

BDEM: The long hot shower after this morning's miserable workout. How is it possible to love and hate exercise sooooo much at the same time??

Water: 60oz


Jessica and Matt said...

I love Jude's imagination! I wish Landon's toy soldiers would spark his as much.

john kopp said...

Do you remember not so long ago that you were afraid Jude would end up playing only with girls toys? Looks like he's become his "own man"!