Sunday, January 08, 2012

Excited to Cook

There is very little that excites me when it comes to cooking.  I love to bake, and get really excited about new ideas there - but when it comes to cooking all of my efforts usually end in, "This smells yucky, Mom!" (I should add that I actually really enjoy cooking - and will probably have a great time once my kids are past the, "Can't we just have macaroni and cheese?" phase).

All that aside, I have been really excited to try quinoa.  Anything that I can add beans, corn and cilantro to is like a lunch made in heaven.  I'm really hoping it lives up to my expectations because I will eat it every day if I like it.  That is not a joke.  When I was dieting really strictly last year (btw - it seems to be a LOT harder this year?!) I ate the same meal for lunch every single day for three months straight.  I often even ate it for dinner.  Did I get bored?  Never.  I would gush over how much I loved the meal daily.  

But for some reason that meal just isn't grabbing me this time around.  (Could it possibly be the obvious? My body is sick of it?)  So I'm really hoping I can call quinoa my new best winter friend.  Huh.  Maybe that's my problem.  As I typed that sentence I thought, "Why is food your best friend anyway?"  Talk about some seriously deep issues! (I didn't mean that, food....I still love you - it's all for show.  I just tell the people what they want to hear.  Still BFFs?)

So have you tried this KEEN-WAH?  Is it the best thing since sliced bread?  I'll keep you posted.

BDEM:  Dinner at the in-laws.  My mother-in-law made the most delicious dinner in honor of the January birthdays in our extended family.  Six birthdays all together, three in my family alone.  Busy, busy!  Then we all just sat around and enjoyed being with family. It was a great night.  Thanks, Ross and Tammy! 

Weight: 0  (Total: -1.5...I think) Rob and I head into phase two of insanity tomorrow.  I'm hoping that'll kick this up a notch.
Water:  I said I'd try.  I did not try.  And now I am parched.  Sad - maybe 12 oz?  I'll hang my head now.  

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