Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Dancing

I was a cheerleader for many years, so I consider myself to have a decent (not extensive, but decent) knowledge of dancing, staying on beat, following cues, etc.

However, I am horrible at this game.

What you are seeing above is me getting my butt kicked by my twelve year old niece, my sister in law, and my older brother.

Talk about humiliation. In this particular game I came in 4th.  The next lowest score was three times higher than mine.  I tried to blame the controller, but then my sister in law took it - and did great.  Lame.

BDEM:  Tonight was a great dinner at Derek's house to celebrate Derek's and Jude's birthday.  We laughed, danced and ate great food - but I honestly think the BDEM was just sitting and talking with my sister in law, Jessica.  I walked away thinking, "Wow.  I just love her.  What a great listener."  

Thanks, Jess!

Water:  It's another one of those terrible nights where my lack of water is making me feel sick.  My lips are dry, I'm a little nauseated, and I feel bloated from all of the diet coke I drank.  I think I have a problem.  I am literally a coke-a-holic.  Anyone feel like starting a support group with me?  So, to answer that question....honestly....12 oz.  Ouch.  I'm sure that's not going to help tomorrow's weigh in!

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Linz said...

Well you look cute!!! Love your outfit! This is a really fun shot! I love seeing adults play games like this.