Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping You Posted

I end a lot of blog posts with, "I'll keep you posted."

I never do.

Probably because five minutes after I mention it, I forget I told you about it.  It's still a priority in my head - and I get to it, I just don't report.  And really, that's the important part.  I lack follow through, and for that I am sorry.

Here are the last two things I was supposed to tell you about:


I made it for lunch.  I mixed it with black beans, corn, cilantro, and lime.  Rob was really impressed - and I would give it a seven out of ten.  It was pretty good, both warm and cold....but I made a massive batch and ate it for several days straight.  For now, I'm a bit sick of it.  I will make it again, but it's not the food of my dreams like I hoped it would be. Oddly enough, the main reason I wanted to make it was to replace my every day lunch (a frozen weight watchers meal) with something different.  I have since returned to my frozen meal with a renewed love.

The Dress:

I mentioned a few days ago that I was in love with this dress.  Then I got a "special secret sale" email from the store which announced that all dresses and skirts were on sale for $25 ONE DAY ONLY!  I ran right over, tried on the dress, and hated it.

The material was super static-y (apparently that's not a word) and the neck was really wide.  To say the least, it was ugly.

Update complete.  I will now carry on with my regularly scheduled blog posts.

BDEM:  Jude asked if I could go buy an air hockey table this afternoon.  After I explained that there was absolutely no chance, he went ahead and made two paddles? (what are they called in air hockey?) out of paper, then made a puck out of a paper plate.  He set it up on our end table, and we played best of five.  It was ridiculously fun, and much cheaper and quieter than a real air hockey table.  

Water:  55 oz


Jodi said...

I've been wondering if you were going to show up one Sunday in that black dress - I imagined that it would look fabulous on you. Sorry it didn't work out. And...Jude is great. Every post about him makes me smile!

Mom said...

Dang it when dresses are made to look great on hangers! I guess the good news it that sometimes the ones that look AWFUL on the hangers, don't look so as bad on. I really like it on the hanger. Maybe you should just buy it and keep it on a hanger somewhere for decoration.