Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh me, oh my...

I'm having a terrible time coming up with reasons I shouldn't buy this dress.  I'm kind of head over heels for it.

I think I'm going to have to go try it on tomorrow, and hope that I look TERRIBLE in it.  But then there's that awful possibility that I'll love it even more in person.

Feel free to tell me that it's hideous - it will snag - your weird great aunt owned a similar one - anything to change my mind.

BDEM:  Admitting this is a bit embarrassing, but I don't think I have really scrubbed my house since before Christmas.  Today I feel like I am finally caught up - sinks and toilets are sparkling, all floors are mopped, everything dusted and the house is vacuumed.  Sigh.....if only it could stay this way forever.  I suppose ten minutes will do!

Water:  72 oz. (Holla!)


Lisa said...

I have a feeling it's going to look FABULOUS on you!

Mom said...

LOVE the dress. Get it.