Friday, January 06, 2012

My Baby is 1!

Happy Birthday, little Claire Bear!

She hasn't been feeling very well lately, but we still decided to give her a little party to celebrate.  When it came time to make the cake, I really didn't have a lot of ideas seeing as how Claire doesn't really have any favorites.  We ran into the same problem at Christmas when Rob was programming a little dog that Santa left for Claire.  You go online, choose some of the things your child loves best, then it kind of personalizes all the songs/games towards your child.

I wasn't around when Rob did this, but in the end - here's what he chose:

So ever since Christmas we've been singing all about how Claire loves purple, hotdog-eating fish named Claire.

Naturally, it only made sense to make this her first Birthday cake.

It was ONE SLOPPY CAKE!  But it definitely served its purpose.

Happy birthday, little love!  Not a day goes by where I don't think about how unbelievably blessed I am to have you in my life.

BDEM:  Claire's Birthday was definitely fun, but Maddie was in charge of the bedtime story - something that Rob usually does, and her story was awesome.  Every night Rob lets the kids choose one thing - can be ANYTHING at all, and he incorporates each kids thing into the story.  But today Maddie did the same thing and ended up telling a story with the following items:
-Pirate Zhu Zhu pets
-A shark
-Walking Clothes (obviously Jude.  I'm sure he'll try to make walking clothes out of paper tomorrow)

The story was amazing.  Got a little bit dodgy towards the end, but all in all, Maddie was a magnificent story teller!

Weight: -.7 lbs (total -1.7)  I'm pretty sure you can count on a + for tomorrow!
Water:  64 dreadful ounces


Deon said...

Now THAT is one awesome cake! What a lucky, lucky girl to get a real hotdog with her first birthday cake! This should be a tradition for the Wilson family: No matter what Claire's cake looks like each year, a hotdog should always be included somewhere on it :D Just MHO!

Lunch! Yes! We must!

Mom said...

Such adorable pictures. She looks SO grown up since I saw her last! I hate that!!! For some reason the cake pic didn't show up on my screen. I'll have to take Deon's word for it being awesome. I think you're a great mom for going the distance for a one year old bday party. I did that too although I wondered who I was actually doing it for. Mostly me I thing since not doing it would have been more emotional work overcoming the "will I scar this child if they ever find out" guilt than whatever physical work actually went in to it. Please don't let any of the kids grow or change any more till I get there in May!