Monday, January 16, 2012

A Good Man

You know that phrase that says something like, "Behind every good man there is an even better, more thoughtful, well spoken, considerate woman that you don't think he deserved that was obviously out of his league - perhaps it was a shotgun wedding.."?   That's paraphrasing a bit - but I think it's pretty close.  There are so many days that I feel like my situation is completely reversed.

We've had a rough few weeks around these parts.  As I've mentioned, Claire has not been the easiest lately.  As of today, she has her third ear infection in less than three weeks. (All of our kids get them when they are teething).  It's been getting me down - only because I really thrive on keeping up with all of my daily chores, etc.  If I fall behind, I tend to get a bit stressed and overwhelmed.  I understand her constant need to be held, but it has still been hard.

I was super frustrated and I told Rob it was probably best to not come home for lunch because he'd only find a huge mess and a super grumpy wife.  What did he do?  He brought home my favorite salad to cheer me up.

What a good, good man.

Thanks, babe - you are always there to pick me up when I am at my worst.

BDEM:  Cranky, screaming, face-scratching Claire just kind of collapsed on my shoulder tonight as I rocked her to sleep and sang to her.  Then she took her chubby little feverish hand and placed in on my cheek.  It was almost like an apology, and it made me forget (at least for a minute) about the overwhelming day!  

Weight: -4.1 total
Water:  46 oz.

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Wilson Family said...

Such a cute BDEM... Love it. And I really love your blog too. I feel like I've been out of blogging for the past couple of weeks, and it's so nice to come back and read your posts. They're all so uplifting and funny! Hope Claire is feeling better.