Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"It was the best birthday EVER!"

Jude had the greatest day - and couldn't stop saying, "Thank you for the best day ever, Mom and Dad!"  I don't think it gets much sweeter than that!

Happy Angry Birds Birthday, Jude!  

BDEM:  Jude was Mr. Detail when it came to making the cupcakes.  He literally stood over me and discussed every single aspect of each color of angry bird.  "Well, that's good Mom, but it's not really right..." or, "He kind of looks like the red guy, but he's missing hair."  

I also loved how all morning he wore his new black hooded angry birds blanket around the house.  It was the gift from his sisters.  He kept telling me that his blanket was the bomb.  I was so excited that he loved it so much - and was also wondering where he picked up the phrase, "the bomb."  When I finally asked where he learned it he said, "Um, I don't know - he is just the big black bird that blows up the pigs."  

OH.  The blanket actually IS the bomb.  

Water:  60 oz.  Finally getting back on track.


Deon said...

Look at you go, Miss Queen of Cupcakes! I was convinced that your cupcakes came from a professional bakery before I read your BDEM. Maybe you could have a little job on the side and really rake in the dough. With all that extra time you have. Like you're not up to your eyeballs in busy. With four kids and whatnot. Slacker.

Jodi said...

Happy birthday Juders! We love you! I'm with Deon on the cupcakes - I thought you bought them! Good job!!!

Something Wilde said...

Well that does look like a Happy Angry Birds Birthday! What fun! Nicely done on the cupcakes! I think I'll be laughing ALL DAY about the "bomb" story! BDEM if you ask me!

Linz said...

You nailed it! Great work! Happy birthday to Jude! He's so cute, I wish I knew him in person!