Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I'd love to show ya'll my new room, but it's going to have to wait.

That's mostly because I'm not done.

I'm loving this project so much that I am doing everything I can to drag it out as long as possible.  It has been a wonderful distraction from the laundry, ironing, vacuuming and dishes that usually fill my time. It's fun to say right now, but tomorrow morning when I go digging through the dirty clothes to find Maddie's least wrinkled pair of jeans I may be punching myself, and my hobby, in the face.

Anyway - while that is still going on, I have decided to add YET ANOTHER little daily thing to my blog. (I heard that eye roll, by the way...)  Since making my resolutions on New Year's Day, I haven't thought much about them.  I have been MORE careful about what I eat, but not careful enough.  I'm basically eating to maintain, rather than to lose.  I have also probably had ten sips of water since then.  All of which I drank during our morning Insanity workout.

{Side note....have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE working out with Rob?  It makes all the difference.  On the few days that we have done our workouts at different times, I cheat.  If I get tired, pressing the skip button on the remote is sooooo justifiable.  Knowing he is getting up to work out makes me want to get up and join him.  Moral of the story:  find someone that will make you accountable!}

Since I just admitted that I am a cheater, I've decided to HONESTLY share my weight loss and water intake over the next three months.  That way, at the end of the day, I'll have to face up to my decisions.  Now, I won't be tracking my actual weight - I'll be tracking loss and gains.  So, as of today my score is 0.  Tomorrow morning I may be + or - then a number.  The goal is to be -20 by April 1st.  Seeing as how I just had a cheeseburger for dinner, you can pretty much plan on tomorrow being a +.  Oops.  But there will be plenty of + days, I can guarantee it. Feel free throw tomatoes at me when you see that happen.  (Just don't throw donuts...disaster waiting to happen).

I'll also track my water.  {and ps - this number might be SCARY for those water enthusiasts.  Bless your hearts.  I'm sure you're good people.}

BDEM:  Rob gave approval for the last little project I wanted to do on the bedroom.  Have I mentioned how cheaply I have done all this?  It's been great.  I can't wait to finish and share.  

Weight: 0
Water: 32 oz.  {Please don't scream.  I'll be better tomorrow. Pinky Swear}


Nicole said...

hahaha I am HORRIBLE about drinking my water - I really think you drank more than I did LOL. Good luck!

Stacy said...

I laugh out loud every time I read your posts! Do you know how witty you are? Love it!

john kopp said...

OK, so doesn't a "+" normally mean good and a "-" mean bad . . . so if you have a "+" tomorrow that's good . . . I mean bad . . . right? Maybe you should have "+" mean that you lost weight, then none of us would really know if you lost or gained.
Either way, you look GREAT just the way you are!

ccooke said...

Love the accountability idea, especially on the water. No joke, I usually drink about 16 oz. a day total. It's so bad, so you are motivating me to drink more. Maybe I'll track it on my phone or something. -20 pounds by April, girl you are nuts!! Keep up the great work!