Monday, January 09, 2012


I meant to post these forever ago, but then I got on my Christmas kick, and these were put on the back burner.  My sister in law, Jessica, is an amazing photographer and offered to shoot our family. So, without further ado I present for your viewing pleasure, 

Family Pics 2011

Thanks again, Jessica!  I absolutely love these, and can't wait to get them up in my house!

You can envy Jessica's blog HERE.

PS - she's good at everything.

PPS - seriously.

BDEM:  Rob and I snuck away for a few hours today and saw Breaking Dawn: Part .  Now, I never got into the books - and really wasn't that into the movies (I just started the series like a month ago) but I really liked this one....and so did Rob!  

Weight: -1.5 (Total: -3 lbs)
Water:  60 oz


kathryn said...

Um, darling family pictures, but for reals Melissa- WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW THE "AFTER" PICS OF YOUR BEDROOM MAKEOVER??? That's all! xoxo

Bruce said...

Great pictures and great weight loss numbers. You are well on your way!

Deon said...

Holy wow! Your sister-in-law is AMAZING! Does she live around here (hint, hint)? I absolutely love how Maddie's sweater matches her eyes to perfection. Well, shoot--every single one of you looks the epitome of perfection. Well done!

Jodi said...

LOVE THEM!! I need one to put up in my house if you have to spare.
And...I second your statement - Jess is good at everything!

Jessica and Matt said...

Love them! They are beautiful!

Something Wilde said...

Seriously fantastic! I wish we lived closer so I could hire her to take family photos for us!! You have a gorgeous family!

Linz said...


Grandma! said...

Absolutely beautiful, she certainly is talented!!

Bonnie said...

Ok I did not choose to have my name show up as Grandma!
I don't think I can take up blogging since I can't even post comments right !

john kopp said...

These pictures are wonderful . . . talented photographer . . . and a great looking family!